Saturday 10th of July 2021
10:30 pm > 12 am – Loop screening

Duration: approx. 20 min

Building, La Briquette area
Rue de Normandie
59770 Marly

Monument video mapping

4 creations to be discovered on a building in La Briquette, on the occasion of the launch of the area’ s renovation project: a work created by video mapping professional artists, and 3 works created during participative workshops with the inhabitants of Valenciennes Métropole.

► Germination
A small seed seeks its way back to the soil, braving many obstacles. From germination to its apogee, we follow the destiny of this extraordinary little seed.
This video mapping offers you a poetic and colourful journey to the heart of the plant world.

Supervision: Hamza MRABET
Visual design: Noémie BONNEL, Stéphanie LÉONARD, Hamza MRABET, César PAYRAT, Adrien TISON
Original music: Géraldine KWIK

► The Saint-Saulvian Garden
Discover a fantastic garden where trees and imaginary flowers stand alongside carnivorous plants and colourful insects. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the walk.

Creative team: Intergenerational participative workshop – Cultural service, City of Saint-Saulve
Supervising staff: Chloé ROUGIER, assisted with Lucie JANSSENS

► The chase
During a routine space flight, an unfortunate event happens. After losing control of their spaceships, 3 spacenaut friends fall where they shouldn’t have. What follows is a chase through the sky, land and sea, full of pitfalls.

Creative team: Educational workshop with children – Library, Vieux-Condé
Supervising staff: Nicolas CAMARTY

► Guardians of the forest
A monster tries to break the branches of trees and plantations in order to build its house. But against all odds, animals with magical powers try to stop him so they can save the forest.

Creative team: Intergenerational participative workshop – Maison de quartier La Briquette, Marly
Supervising staff: Hamza MRABET, assisted with Lucie JANSSENS



Video mapping created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles (including 3 creations made as part of participative workshops).

With the support of Valenciennes Métropole, in collaboration with the cities of Marly, Saint-Saulve and Vieux-Condé.



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