Video mapping competition

Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th of October 2021
Arenberg Creative Mine, Wallers-Arenberg
Entrance reserved for the public registered to IBSIC (upon registration, subject to availability)

Every year, the Video Mapping Festival offers a video mapping competition to reward the best productions of the year.
Due to health situation, only a few mapping could have take place in 2020. Therefore, the Video Mapping Festival invites you to discover the 2019 selection, which could not be screened in March 2020. It will be presented to the public in the form of video recordings on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th of October at Arenberg Creative Mine.

A Jury composed of mapping professionals (artists, festival programmers, producers, researchers, etc.) will award the prizes on the evening of Wednesday 6th of October.


In competition:


. Holymage (France) - Convergence (monument mapping)
. Limelight (Hungary) - Coexistence (monument mapping)
. MALAMÍ LIGHT (Mexico) - The infinite color of light (monument mapping)
. Maxin10sity (Hungary) - Pandora’s Box (monument mapping)
. mayer+empl (Germany) - Una famiglia di Angeli (interactive live show mapping)
. Mindscape Studio (Romania) - BRÂNCUȘI (monument mapping)
. Yann Nguema (France) - S.C.U.L.PT (interactive monument mapping)
. Odd Agency (Italy) - Exstasis (immersive mapping)
. rangbarang aka Parisa Karimi (Germany) - We Didn’t Know That (monument mapping)
. teamLab (International) - teamLab: Universe of Water Particles in the Tank (immersive mapping)
. THÉORIZ (France) - GENESIS (monument mapping)
. URBANSCREEN (Germany) - FinsterWald (immersive mapping)



. Jan Fabel, Erwijn Steijlen, Dirk van Poppel (The Netherlands) - Colour Symphony (monument mapping)
. Grandpa’s Lab Studio (Portugal) - Moura 2 - Digital Tale (live show mapping)
. Simon Lazarus (France) - PONG (monument mapping)
. Cindy Lo (France) - Mithra (monument mapping)
. Moment Factory (France) - Regalia (monument mapping)
. Yann Nguema (France) - Le Sacre du Tympan (monument mapping)
. OCUBO (Portugal) - C-ACT-US (interactive objects mapping)
. RE:SORB (Germany) - DUAL (monument mapping)
. Filip Roca, Tigrelabart (Spain) - Mother (monument mapping)
. ruestungsschmie.de (Germany) - TECHTONIC³ (monument mapping)
. SUPERBIEN (France) - Siderea (immersive mapping)
. teamLab (International) - teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live - earth music&ecology (immersive mapping)