Friday 17th of December 2021
6 pm > 8:30 pm – Loop screening

Duration: approx. 10 min

Chauny Train Station
Place Jean Catelas
02300 Chauny

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Monument video mapping

The Video Mapping Festival rewrites the history of Chauny: the devastating effects of the First World War, the reconstruction to the sound of jazz, the art deco style…

► Chauny, the Roaring Twenties
Have you lost the art of having fun? Embark on a psychedelic and unbridled journey to rediscover the festive and fairground heritage that made Chauny famous!

Supervision: Rémi SOYEZ
Visual design: Tom DELFORGE, Patrick GRANDI, Lucille JEANNIN, Loan LE HOANG, Rémi SOYEZ
Original music: Géraldine KWIK
Artistic coordination: Ludovic BURCZYKOWSKI



Video mapping created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles.

With the support of the City of Chauny, in collaboration with SNCF.



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