Saturday 4th of December 2021
5:30 pm > 10 pm – Loop screening

Total duration: approx. 20 min
Wearing a mask is mandatory

Le quARTier – Centre des Arts Plastiques
Rue de la Paix
59970 Fresnes-sur-Escaut

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Video mapping tour

The Video Mapping Festival stops in Fresnes-sur-Escaut at the Plastic Arts Centre Le quARTier. Walk around a tour through micro mapping created by inhabitants of Anzin, Fresnes-sur-Escaut and Onnaing during educational workshops. At the end of it, a monument video mapping made by video mapping international artists!

► Silhouette
A wall and a window with no history and yet…

Creative team: Educational workshop with teenagers – CLSH, Anzin
Supervising staff: Morgan RIO

► The Earth, the coal
The underground was coal;
The sky was the horizon;
Men were underground miners.

Creative team: Intergenerational participative workshop – Le quARTier, Fresnes-sur-Escaut
Supervising staff: Chloé ROUGIER

► Space-Time
Between the bricks, a story of time through space.

Creative team: Educational workshop with teenagers – CLSH, Onnaing
Supervising staff: Morgan RIO

► The New World Symphony
The discovery of coal in 1720 launched the city into the industrial age, opening the door to a new world. And what better way to symbolise this renewal than with Dvořák’s iconic work?
An allegory of the time needed to form coal and the divine involvement in the process, this video mapping takes us into an inspired and offbeat vision of this pivotal event in the history of the city of Fresnes-sur-Escaut.

Supervision: Sae-Yun JUNG
Visual design: Kévin GACHET-THAI, Sae-Yun JUNG, Igor Shin MOROMISATO, Eunjin PARK
Original music: Symphonie n°9 by Antonín Dvořák (4th movement)
Sound design: Géraldine KWIK



Video mapping created for the Video Mapping Festival organised by Rencontres Audiovisuelles.
Micro mapping created as part of educational workshops.

With the support of Valenciennes Métropole, in collaboration with the cities of Anzin, Fresnes-sur-Escaut and Onnaing.



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