Saturday 18th of September 2021
9 pm > 11 pm – Loop screening

Total duration of the creations: approx. 40 min

Wearing a mask is mandotary; health pass is required inside the Historial.
Directions for the tour at the Historial: Facade > Inner courtyard > Salle des Fours > Objects in the museum > Moats

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City Hall: 3 place du Commandant Louis Daudre
Video mapping tour at the Historial of the Great War: Place André Audinot
80200 Péronne

Video mapping tour

The Video Mapping Festival takes place in Péronne on the occasion of the European Heritage Days, in collaboration with the Historial.
Monument, immersive or object video mapping… 8 stops to discover the different forms of video mapping: a creation on the facade of the City Hall and a 7-step mapping tour at the Historial of the Great War, which will take you from the facade of the castle to the moats, via the inner courtyard, the Salle des Fours and some video mapping on objects from the collections.
The 3 objects mapping in the museum will be visible from the reopening of the Historial.


Mapping on the City Hall:

► My Aeon
In this sumptuous 16th century building, time seems to have no hold… My Aeon takes you on a journey to discover different artistic movements. Follow the creative river and let yourself be carried along on this sometimes dreamlike, sometimes violent cruise through the ages, styles and emotions.

Creation: Maöké
Direction: Aurélien BINAULD
Artistic direction: Alexandre PESCHMANN
Visual design: Aurélien BINAULD, Lucas DUROT, Alexandre PESCHMANN
Music composition and sound design: Yvan CAFEDE
Production: Maöké – Rencontres Audiovisuelles


Mapping on the Historial’s facade:

► Péronne through ages
This playful and epic video mapping is inspired by the illuminations and the zany style of Monty Python. It explores the different ages of Péronne Castle through the heroic figures of the city such as Radegonde, Louis VI le Gros or Marie Fouré.

Supervision: Jules HUVIG
Visual design: Rachel ANCIAUX, Nicolas CAMARTY, Laurence DE WILDE, Jules HUVIG, Méghanne LADEUZE, Léa MINIGGIO
Original music: Géraldine KWIK


Immersive mapping in the Historial’s inner courtyard:

► Polygon
In the manner of a making-of, this mapping explores and decomposes geometric abstractions to find their essence. A graphic and aesthetic journey through space and time.

Supervision: Simon LEBON
Visual design: Simon LEBON, Clément LEMAIRE, Aurélien WOJTKO
Original music: Géraldine KWIK


Micro mapping in the Salle des Fours:

► Micro mapping created as part of an intergenerational participative workshop held over a few days at the Historial of the Great War in Péronne.

Creative team: Intergenerational participative workshop – Historial of the Great War, Péronne
Supervising staff: Olivier SION


Objects video mapping in the Historial:

► Allegory of tensions
A translation of the rising tensions and international alliances of the pre-war period through a graphic and abstract experience playing with the volumes of the statue.

Visual design: Sylvain POUILLART
Original music: Aleksi AUBRY-CARLSON

► What I found while digging in the earth
Shattered lives, devastated landscapes, polluted land… Wars have disastrous consequences for Man and his environment.
In this installation, video mapping brings to life exhumed objects, tangible witnesses of History, to tell us about the Great War and its human and ecological impact.

Supervision: Susie lou CHETCUTI
Visual design: Susie lou CHETCUTI, Angélique DUJARRIER
Original music: Aleksi AUBRY-CARLSON
Dialogs: Susie lou CHETCUTI
French voice: Jean-Christophe VISEUX
German voice: Wolfgang PISSORS

► Kartoffelkanone
While the war rages on, M. Potato and Hr. Kartoffel emerge from the ground.

Supervision: Clément GOFFINET
Visual design: Clément GOFFINET, Clément LEMAIRE
Original music: Géraldine KWIK
Dialogs: Clément GOFFINET
French voice: Jérémy ZYLBERBERG
German voice: Wolfgang PISSORS


Mapping in the Moats/Gardens of the Historial :

► Mapping created as part of an intergenerational participative workshop over a few days with the inhabitants of the Communauté de Communes Haute Somme.

Creative team: Intergenerational participative workshop – Communauté de Communes Haute Somme
Supervising staff: Léa MINIGGIO



Video mapping tour organised by the Rencontres Audiovisuelles, in collaboration with the Historial de la Grande Guerre.

The Video Mapping Festival in Péronne is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development within the framework of the Picardie Rural Development Programme: Europe invests in rural areas.

With the support of Gazelec, in collaboration with the Hauts-de-France Region, the PETR Cœur des Hauts-de-France and the City of Péronne.



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